Mayan Wood

The product forbids already possesss a competitive differential that facilitates the positioning in the market. However to get success elaboraruma must positioning strategy that has taken in consideration the characteristics of the considered products ecological and which possible reaction of the customer. A strategy of legitimation of the green product is to associate it ambientalista entity of recognized idoneousness and to contribute of some form (the financial form is most common) for its activity. We can cite the example of the Danone that from 1995 started to identifying its products with new ambient roupagem and effected a partnership through ALONE the Bush Atlantis. We observe that the consumers of called products green present two possible reactions in relation to the considered products ecologically correct.

The first one is the emotional position, directly related with the position that has in relation to world natura; can assume a more rational position, taking in consideration the characteristics techniques. In function of this constatao, we can consider the ecological positioning as reflected rationals look for predominantly to influence in the perception of the mark, providing information techniques to the consumer, showing that, during all its cycle of life, the product generates low negative impact to the environment. To another strategy it is the posicionamentoecolgico with emotional consequences, that it searchs to transform the mark, in a way to associate the sensorial experience of contact with the nature, we observe diverse versions of automobiles with this I appeal. These emotions if reflect in the feelings, trying the people a happiness sensation, joy or well-being when in contact with the nature. A Niche of Market – Nickels and Mayan Wood apud & Vieira (2004) guides that the consuming search to value the benefits that a product can offer and not characteristic them that the same it presents. Therefore a product ecologically correct it possesss a fort I appeal the comparative consumption if the conventional products (those that do not observe ambient norms that value and preserve the environment). .



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