Web Monitoring System

Spokesmen of Facebook have admitted in declarations to different means, from Reuters to the BBC, that they would have had to warn to extend his service of labelling of photos outside the USA. ” We would have had to be clearer with people during the sent process to do it accesible”. Facebook is implanting outside the United States its face monitoring system. This function automatically recognizes the faces of the people who appear in a photo and suggests its labelling. The extension of the service, for example to the United Kingdom, has become without a public warning of Facebook. It introduced when it in the USA, network published the social it so that the internauts could deactivate this function. ” If for some reason not desea” the labelling, noticed Facebook, will be able to be deactivated in the privacy configuration. This warning has not been repeated and the internauts can be whereupon they have the service activated without its consent..



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