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The power Plate Cyber training by top model Marcus Schenkenberg is a revolution in the world gym! Imagine that a good friend praises you for your great character and they respond so that personnel trainer none other is you, as a top model Marcus Schenkenberg. You smile? They do not need it but because Marcus Schenkenberg Cyber training is now the VIP coach with the new power plate,”that they can soon test in the best clubs in the world. While a conventional power plate training staff performed trainer from one, the same trainer can take care now intensely and directly their posture. Why? Quite simply, because Marcus Schenkenberg trained them in life size on a huge video wall all in real time before. Train so really with the most successful male model of all time! Facts about power plate: power plate world leader (in over 100 countries) is in the area of vibration training around the world use more than 14.3 million people power plate power plate Power plate equipment stands for innovation, dynamism and latest products at the highest quality level power plate are officially admitted to the medical device can up to 97% of all muscle fibres trained which power plate vibration tension and relax the muscles up to 60 times per second already promote health 10 minutes training and strengthen the muscles 10-minute power plate sustainably replace a 1.5 hour, sudorific training numerous medical studies confirm the efficacy of power plate top model Marcus Schenkenberg: the career of supermodel Marcus Schenkenberg is unique in the male model range. In his nearly 25-year career, has the handsome Swede adorned with pretty much every title page of all the well known magazines and was booked for the most important and largest designers and campaigns. Marcus Schenkenberg is internationally known and played with in the last few years more and more feature films and TV productions.

His most famous relationship Schenkenberg led with Hollywood star Pamela Anderson. But other prominent Excellent top model beauties such as Mariah Carey, Nicky Hilton and Jessica Simpson were the former sexiest man alive”not resist. With his own brand of Marcus Schenkenberg”is the marketing genius, with high-quality products such as fragrance and cosmetics, jewelry, Fitness DVDs or underwear on US $10 million annually to (customer purchase price). “Prof. Dr. Ingo Frobose: Prof.

Dr. Ingo Frobose directs the Center for health” and the Institute of movement therapy at the German sport University in Cologne. From 1999 to 2003 he held the Office of Pro-Rector. In addition, he is including scientific director of the Institute of quality assurance in prevention and rehabilitation GmbH “and Chairman of the Research Institute for inclusion through exercise and sports (FiBS)”. Also Prof. Dr. Frobose is a sympathizer of the power plate acceleration technology. Vibration training has grown steadily in the past few years interest, in particular in order to improve of performance. Both in the leisure, power and Health sport as well as the new form of training is used in the therapy. Power plate vibration training is much more than just a trend. It is a recognised and scientifically proven technology, which enables a highly efficient training of untrained and obese people up to the athletes.” More information at: Frank Kuhlmann c/o Kuhlmann-beauty-Consulting GmbH Emperor str. 51 63065 Offenbach phone + 49 69-850 92 97 0 fax + 49 69-850 92 97 22 hotline 0 18 steeringdamperkits 22 99 67

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