Selling Over the Internet

3 .- The product can be sold over the Internet? – When we say "Product" refers to both a thing as a service. For example, selling books online is possible, but could be sold Is Massage? A massage is a service given by one person to another person. If the customer is in another country "would be profitable to travel and pay for the shift to service? In some cases, such as advisory services for large companies, it may be possible, but in others, such as massages, haircuts, manicures, etc, would be totally impossible. So you have to really knowing whether that product or service, we may sell online. 4 .- The product will sell easily? – Experience shows that some products are sold more easily than others.

For example, are almost impossible Computers Internet marketing, as well as automobiles, and jewelry, typically these products are so "personal" for their customers, who want to touch before buying, feel and taste. Other products, though not impossible, if they are somewhat difficult to market, such as clothing, lingerie, household appliances and Lands. However, other products are very easy to sell online, especially the "Virtual" (those who have no physical component) and the "electronic book", software programs, courses in all types (language, finance, marketing , etc). The "Difficulty Factor Sale" of a product online, it is always something to look very carefully, before starting to weigh whether to market a product or another. It's very important in achieving success, or failure. In this sense, virtual products are always better off leaving.



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