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Silent Retreats

The March data confirm that, as we were anticipating, the summer is over and now gives way to the beginning of a bleak autumn. The deposit rates offered for deposits over one million dollars showed an increase of 56 basis points over the month, after hitting rock bottom in the first day of the month happened. Similarly, the reference value of the dollar rose 15 cents , which accumulated 26 cents in the first quarter. While in recent days has weakened the dollar’s value growth, analysis of data from the month of March indicates the accuracy of the estimates that 2009 would be a difficult year. However, it is shown that the weakness in demand for pesos and more than likely devaluation of local currency are undermining the financial system’s main function: to reallocate resources to productive sectors in need. On the other hand, the fact that interest rates show a positive trend over all days of the month is nothing more and nothing less than the quiet reflection of a drain in deposits from the private sector. Until March 20, noted a fall in current account deposits of $ 3.775 million, a drop that is notable for its magnitude.

In other words, this means that people preferred to change liquidity in dollars for some other asset of greater value. While the stock recovered $ 4.038 million between 20 and 31 March and left a slightly positive growth expected, seasonally, it is important as the first item that prompted a strong suspicion withdrawal. A very steep decline in transaction deposits and a fall in the stock deposits inevitably means a strong distrust in the value of the peso. With a longer term view, we note that the sharp slowdown in the growth of its various components is the drop in demand for pesos. The economy pesos demanded for transactions is slowly becoming an economy that does not want to see the currency issued by the BCRA, but rather seek refuge in alternative values. However, given a fall in demand for local currency, the theory would indicate that increasing interest rates could stimulate pesos tenure as long as their returns exceed the expected devaluation.

Why interest rates today do not give breaks to which we were accustomed in recent fights against the dollar? The growing stock of money hoarded by banks allows them to respond to withdrawals, although that situation could not be sustained over the medium term. Pressure is so strong that the Central has sold 2.677 million USD in the spot market, although stocks still show no drop-off by giving the other accounts of the Central Bank. Such is the strength of demand for dollars that the BCRA is beating a grim record: the sale of March 3, accounted for 29 consecutive days of sales. To try and relax this tight market Central Bank’s efforts are also reflected in the financial swap USD 10,000 million with the Central Bank of China. It is hoped that this situation deepens, should maintain the uncertainty as to local economic policy.

Man Fashion 2013: Relaxed Elegance In The New McGregor Distinction Collection

McGREGOR’s distinction is men’s business fashion this season especially in slim and sleek silhouettes Berlin, 06.02.2013 – McGregor fashion launched his latest men’s business fashion current collection for spring/summer 2013. 1921 Founded label makes New York the American dream in its distinction”business attire for men this season new flourish. “The theme of city Tycoon” portrays the success of many U.S. entrepreneur families of the early twentieth century such as the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers and Ford’s they are all prototypes of the American dream, which did it from bottom to top and formed a separate class of American aristocracy. Wealth and prosperity were the privileged lifestyle of their following generations.

It is second man fashion 2013 distinction theme of by McGregor, CEO Capri “, directly from the Mediterranean 1960 Rene Clement film classic purple noon” (only the Sun witnessed”) with millionaire’s son Philippe Greenleaf and his opponent Tom Ripley, played by Alain Delon, and the Jetset inspired lifestyle on the Italian Riviera. McGregor’s sophisticated distinction”men’s business fashion, made in Italian cutters tradition, presented this season especially in slim and sleek silhouettes. The luxurious and loose interpretation of modern business and men’s evening wear by McGregor ranges from elegant jackets, tailored-and regular fit shirts from knitterfreiem and stain-repellent clever cotton, luxury ties, comfortable suit pants, high-quality men’s business shoes and Loafern to accessories such as stylish crocodile leather belts, leather wallets and leather notebook for any business occasion. To broaden your perception, visit Xcel Energy. All novelties of the McGregor distinction collection 2013 can be ordered in the McGregor online shop for Germany. Formal wear was while in the roaring twenties, the so-called roaring twenties”, nor an act of effort, often it was not without personal on dresses, so have to loosened many conventions over the years and solved. Blazer with Chinos, suit with a denim shirt or jacket combined with turtlenecks that shows smart McGregor business fashion 2013 feel relaxed, luxurious and relaxed.

International Engineering Studies In The Netherlands

New curriculum of the Hanze University Groningen successfully launched! Faculty and students from around the world, a unique concept and practice-oriented project work these are tags that are written large on the Hanze Institute of technology (HIT) in the Netherlands. There, you can study the new Bachelor advanced sensor applications since this year. The language of instruction is English and the study concept future. In the course of studies, students receive insights in the application areas of sensor technology, for example in the transport sector or in medicine. The students research, experiment and develop in many different disciplines, what fundamentally this course from other engineering courses. From world famous companies, such as shell, promoted the students work project-based with the cooperating companies. Hear from experts in the field like Atmos Energy Corporation for a more varied view.

Practical studies and early contacts with companies started fast in the later working life the students. “Talented students are here to” Home feel”, according to a brochure of the newly established HIT. The HIT is looking for the best graduates from all over Europe. Who studied at the HIT, experienced President of the Hanze University Groningen according to Henk Pijlman, “a unique international learning experience” is one of the HIT. Rien Herber company Shell, which is one of the numerous cooperation partners of the HIT, complemented over the higher ACEs: “This region in the Netherlands has already an international flair”. The Hanze Institute of technology will search for graduates of different Nations with good academic achievement in science.

The annual tuition fees are 1,565 euros this year. One does not know an access restriction (NC) like in Germany in the Netherlands.

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