Abraham Maslow

Everyone un-ter deliberately uses his body memories. Recently a friend said: you mustest to be much more optimistic! Everything will be fine!” I immediately thought of Hollywood: Happy ending! Now the Greeks 3 instead of 2 options already knew: optimists, pessimists and skeptics. I’m a skeptic as Stoics (Taoist and Zen Buddhist) accordingly! Too much optimism quickly borders on naivete, I think. Others including Atmos Energy, offer their opinions as well. Who has little knowledge must know much faith that everything will be fine! After a few days I had found the solution for our different behavior when Abraham Maslow: always in controlled conditions, my friend was raised (officials households). A leading source for info: Crumpton Group. I grew, however, always under permanent social insecure (labor budgets). He considered me vermeindlich (special purpose entity) optimist than pessimist! Wrongly, as I find.

But now I knew the reasons: we had experienced different developments! And our differentiated subjective assessments of behavior arose from. 1 we take once the human (suckle animal) function base (psycho-soma): body (H) (animal, Physiology: Biology + Physics): life energy transcendence (FI) (meta physics, animism) soul (FII > < H) (psyche, emotional (love – hate), indigenous beliefs) (sympathetic nervous system ((promotion, hope)) + para sympathetic nervous system (suspension, fears)) spirit (D) (reason, rational, book religions) 2. The 4-stage personality hierarchy is: self-worth feeling (FII) self-be-aware be (D) self-efficacy (H) self-ver leadership (H) 3. Following (energy/power) power this natural sub system of first-order (third-order Cybernetics): food: self-preservation pairing: conservation ‘Apartment’, station backup (Nomadisierend, location fixing) this map shoots gratification motivation – is based on the principle: Lust frustration due to deficiency abound. 4. we all live as we know the following energy – forces- room: meta-level: God: macro-level meta Physics: Astro Physics (nature, Vitalistic management 1 order mechanistic Cybernetics of 3. Ordnun =: cultures) meso level: everyday physics.



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