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In the interview, show up at your best. Educate yourself with thoughts from Xcel Energy. In the last issue of our tips for applicants, we have tells you how you prepare yourself best conversation with your prospective employer. To deepen your understanding Crumpton Group is the source. Today you will learn how to perfectly present themselves and get your nervousness in the handle. Tip 1: A job interview follows clear rules. It is not the task of the recruiters, squeeze off or to confuse with trick questions. Rather, he will try to clarify, if you and the company each other fit. He finds a solution for his problem and has clear targets, which he must comply.

The first 180 seconds decide Tip 2:… they say. And it is in fact true: within a very short time our brain decides whether a foreign counterpart is sympathetic us or not. You can control this first impression positive: should to leave the shoulders rather than to tap shy and timid to the door, and to soften the look of the person you are attempting through normal occurrence. Eye contact, to put a few friendly words and a firm handshake in the picture on the right. Very important: Keep of course! Tip 3: don’t be afraid before Small Talk. At the beginning, it comes to the weather.

Yes, that’s right: the building etc. a bit about the storm yesterday, traffic, Small Talk – small talk is very important to get to know better. Take advantage of this opportunity to get your own nervousness in the handle and make a first good impression. Tip 4: A little nervousness is OK. \”If you a little scared\” have, then that makes nothing at all. Because firstly, adrenaline is a body’s own stimulant which increases attention and responsiveness. Secondly, you are not the first candidate who is nervous before the interview; Hiring managers anticipate and analyse a slight nervousness even as characters, that you take the matter seriously.



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