Austrian Youth Literature Prize

“Carolin Philipps receives Austrian youth literature prize 2011 / ‘ second face’ Gets the German author of Carolin Philipps appears on February 10 on May 6, 2011 2011 for her book what the words the Austrian youth literature prize” awarded. The work is based on the true story of a young boy of who is being abused for years by his father and only step by step finds the courage of the terrible events to speak. Kristian is there really”, says Philip. He was my student for many years. I had to watch how he, his sister and his mother never about what happened at home wanted to talk to.” School and youth welfare office were therefore powerless and could not help. Only when the boy speak, we can react, they said. This impotence has inspired me to write Kristians history to give other interested parties the strength, you mention to break and to raise awareness of their environment”, as Philip next. All the more I am glad that I the Austrian Get youth literature prize for this book since Kristians history reaches now hopefully more readers.” Carolin Philipps lives in Hamburg and Berlin, her newest book second face”about cyber bullying among young people appears on February 10.

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