Bet Luck

Nowadays, the people want each time more the power. to obtain the power is needed money! Many prefer to study, to make one After, a Mestrado, Doutorado, to work in its branch, to grow and consequentemente to gain much money. Others look other ways, some for laziness, others for not having conditions and finish betting in the luck. For science it does not have ways to prove that the luck exists. However for our imagination, the luck is a real element that this gift and asset in our day the day.

The luck is what it makes in them to believe that we can earn in the lotomania for example. The winners receive a good amount in money, the sufficient to buy an car zero kilometer. Others prefer to risk a little more and to play in mega sena. Many people bet, therefore, if to earn, will have the possibility to have a future well better. Proper houses, luxurious coverings of front for the sea, cars zero kilometer and yachts are excellent examples of what a champion of this game can obtain. Nowadays to be able, and nor if it wants believe the luck, them only play to have the possibility of to be well of life. This, in the truth, is the objective that all we search, therefore does not only want to be millionaire, also wants to be respected and to be admired, not only for having much money, but also for helping who really necessary. Some winners of these prizes open institutions that help devoid children for example. Others we nor know who we are and nor what they make. After gaining the prize, some invest, help needed people, move of country, travel and others spend! thus the life goes following and we have to decide if we continue betting in the luck or not.>



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