Business Performance

It suggests the importance of identifying the list of events that can affect business performance. You might think that certain national events could affect all domestic companies alike, or that certain international events could affect all international companies alike. But that is not so, in an impact assessment will identify the characteristics of the relationship between the company and encouragement / event and break into pieces that relationship evaluable and reach the true magnitude of impact. It is said that a economic policies perceived as negative effects by employers, will not affect them all equally, and therefore the ability to develop compensatory actions is differentiated. A company that operates in an environment of high regulation will have a different perception of public policy than one that operates in a competitive environment. In the first case there is an effect of dependence that depends on the lobbying and negotiation, in the second case, the adjustment will come through the side of prices and competitive differentiation.

The only answer to high levels of uncertainty, is given by the vision and the ability to pursue it through the strategic planning and strategic management. Having a strong vision and shared, not only gives a clear sense of direction, but through planning and strategic management, serves as a road map or map to move in environments that allow high turbulence when the dust settles The company did not continue to be surprised and knowing where it stands. It is further recalled that the management has administrative tools that can assist in addressing the characteristics namely the current scenarios, such as making use of precise planning required to meet the challenges, about the changes.



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