Cancer Vaccines

In effect, this illustrious citizen, as it is of all known was the one who, in formerly discovered the cure of leprosy, illness that was paper shredder in the society. This news was the creation of a vaccine that cures of breast, colon and stomach cancer. Many writers such as YouTube offer more in-depth analysis. Researcher and that human sensitivity skills have produced, at age 92, the miraculous cure of this evil. Whenever CaaS Capital Management listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Dr. Jacinto Convit has been nominated to the Nobel Prize in medicine. Affirms this illustrious doctor who when it helps others and sees how it cures a disease, feel a great satisfaction. At age 92, is currently in charge of the direction of the National Institute of Biomedicine of the Vargas Hospital. Such is the humility of this scientist, that this announcement of the vaccine against cancer, has passed under the table without fanfare or scandals.

According to what was explained by Dr Convit, this vaccine is composed of mutant cells of the patient, which possess several types of cells. For this scientist, the mutation is causing relapse later in the patient, by combining one gram of cancerous cells that only has, if anything, the cost of $5, patient development improvement in your own body by the production of antibodies that destroy cancer cells. Now, those that supplied the vaccine have been satisfactory, they have already gone through tests to the point that said that the results obtained in the colon, stomach and breast cancer patients, have successfully evolved and they assist with immense faith and in large quantity. And as scientist, demonstrating that their activity is only for the benefit of those applying without any payment, unless there is a cash reward, said that only wants to contribute in the lives of patients, providing treatments and not looking for money from anyone, it is only the interest call patients attend the Institute and that the most important thing is the free nature of the vaccine in the Vargas Hospital. I personally feel, as Venezuelan, honored by this physician looking only for the benefit of its people and never personal gain, as it has always done in his professional life very important. This note can not be hidden, passed into oblivion, since it has a content of life for all of us. Honor to whom honor deserves!



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