If as says, two hundred years ago the clowns, artists, titiriteros and other personages of the world of the nonsense had to be put under the patronage of the great ones of the Earth (according to they say some you represent of which another private organization), now with those new laws that these prevailing (to see digital canon taxes among others) in fact, it considers among others to live on the work of others things, that is to say, the patronage of the great ones changes to become " groups privados" that they feed on the public money that obtains through certain taxes and that it is distributed between his associates. Very tuna! it is to speak of intellectual property or that right that supposedly allows " creador" to live on the fruit of its work, but when that idea or concept is expressed by means of law and allows that to the money secured by the canons or taxes is distributed, through a private company the doubts grow and " original concepto" it is weakened. This clear one that now the great ones of the Earth have become " groups privados" that they do that the government of turn legislates in favor of its interests and every day the clown activities certain, artists, titiriteros of other personages of the world of the nonsense are seen clearer. Now it is explained, that wraps and causes certain governors, because they are these and not others, those that can more favor to them to live on " the soup boba" , that if! , presenting/displaying to the town the so praiseworthy argument of that right that allows " creador" living on its work. It is already known! In interpretation or the presentation of a distorted world they are an example to follow. Memory when they began to go off you even photocopy of books, or of book pages and other texts, that one was the principle of the declivity of the business of some publishing houses and perhaps for that reason, they had to lower the prices, because sometimes it turned out more cheap to become you photocopy that to buy a book.



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