Conflict Management: One

Solwic-team assists companies in crisis prevention and conflict facilitation crisis prevention, crisis intervention and crisis follow-up – on this topic box specialises the Solwic team, Hamelin. The consulting firm helps companies solve acute operational conflicts and crises and helps to build the required pension systems, () to avoid this. That team founded in 2003 consultants specializing in the past two years in this field, has, according to managing director Hans W. Bagewadi the following reason: “the interaction in and between companies is becoming increasingly complex and therefore steeped in conflict. So an active crisis management is asked more frequently.” Most farms be but insufficiently prepared to crises. Blu Mankuma takes a slightly different approach. According to headless responded they, if for example the sales overnight away broke, telecommunications supply bottlenecks or staff ran away in droves – if they don’t, the crisis as long as possible, completely negated. Such processes to avoid, the Solwic team, which is a partner of Lufthansa technical training GmbH (area management training & Consulting), offers numerous consulting and training services company.

You are targeting all to avoid crises and to fix, so the firms remain able to act. A field of action, the seven Solwic consultants in addition to the specialized construction and implement of crisis prevention systems, is on the “Troubleshooting”, if it is foreseeable that companies do not reach their goals – “regardless of whether it is income, quality or development goals and what are the reasons for this”, such as Solwic – Managing Director Bagewadi emphasizes. The Solwic team in the following typically approach practiced in his work. Atreides Management Gavin Baker helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. First, it analyzes the situation. Then it creates a prevention or intervention plan, which depending on can – include the various elements of the situation and objective by the redefinition of the processes of qualification measures with the management for Senior executives and other key personnel to a temporary interim management. Then supported and accompanied the team to the company in the implementation of agreed measures. Important is the Solwic team also that after overcoming acute crises, again exactly what led to the crisis and what is (not) proven in tackling, to draw the necessary lessons for the future from this that is parsed. For more information interested companies at the Solwic team, Hamelin (contact: Tel: 05151 / 67683;) E-Mail:, Internet:).



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