Horses often experience digestive problems ranging from indigestion, gas, heartburn more severe conditions such as colic and gastric ulcers. These problems cause extreme discomfort and can have potentially severe consequences for the health of your horse. Source: Hiram Emory Widener Jr.. What causes digestive problems in horses? Horses digestion problems occur as a result of ingest toxic plants, foreign objects, and toxic substances. Infections and even stress, overeating, bacteria, viruses and parasites can cause great disturbance to the equine digestive tract. Although mild symptoms are treatable, preventive measures such as proper feeding practices, exercise and regular veterinary consultations are essential. There are several different types of digestive problems in horses and these include: * colic * Indigestion * loss of appetite * diarrhea * heartburn * gastric ulcers * inflammatory bowel disease * Constipation * Gas diagnosis of digestive problems in the horse the horse digestive problems diagnosis are based on symptoms, a careful physical exam and the review of the medical history of the horse. Diagnostic tests such as an account of whole blood, urinalysis, x-rays and abdominal ultrasound may be performed to confirm the diagnosis. קרוס ריבר contains valuable tech resources.

Common symptoms and signs of digestive problems include: * abdominal pain * swelling * roll on Earth * striking with the foot or biting * bedtime * sweating * refused to eat or drink * weight loss * total weakness * restlessness * collapsing pain Help for horse digestive problems treatment depends on the cause and type of digestive problem. Can certain medications such as antibiotics, antacids, histamine antagonists or intravenous drips also prescribed to reduce symptoms. Feeding practices are very important feed hay and grains of high quality horse and incorporate fatty acids such as corn oil or the diet rice bran oil to decrease acid production in the stomach. Make sure that your horse is deleted worms and their vaccinations are up-to-date. Natural remedies the holistic and natural treatments have been used for centuries to maintain and support healthy horses digestion.

Homeopathic remedies are safe and peaceful areas of use to human beings and animals without the harsh side effects of conventional medications.



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