Cosmic Energy For Its Washing Machine

It is possible to generate electrical energy without using no visible source of generation? In an article of date 03 of November of 1933 published in the Web site of the Vanguard it says the following thing: the famous inventor of the branch of the Nikola electricity Tesla, announces to have shortage a principle by virtue of which the cosmic energy can be applicable to the operation of the machinery and this way to eliminate all the fuels, inasmuch as the power plant is present everywhere in limitless amounts. It can be transmitted by wires or without them to any part of the world. Tesla thinks that its discovery shortly will be arranged to enter the phase of the practical commercial unfolding. United Press. According to some samples and planes, a simple electronic circuit can catch the electrical energy of the cosmos by means of an antenna. How it works.

They explain understood it thus: we imagine positively to the sun like an immense ball of loaded electricity, which means a massive potential of more 200 thousands million volts. To 100 million miles is the Earth loaded with negative electricity that acts like enormous ” esponja” that it creates a virtual freeway of electrical energy. According to some sources of Internet the delay of this invention to amass itself is had because the great corporations of the conventional energy of the world have put resources and influences to restrain it.



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