A coach is an oriented person to facilitate change in their clients. The process by which customer achieves their objectives often go through a restructuring or an enrichment of their cognitive maps through which the client, represents the reality in which you believe live. People differ in our ability to influence others, and knowing of the directivity of coaching can be interesting to know some factors that make that a source has one greater capacity than other persuasion. The studies carried out by teams of social psychologists have shown that there are two main characteristics associated with sources with greater persuasive power: credibility and attractiveness. Hovland source credibility and his colleagues suggested that the more credible outside source, greater would be their effect on the change in attitude, but what is what makes a source credible? The results of the investigations have shown that the credibility of a source basically depends on the competence and sincerity with which it is perceived.

The competition is whether the receiver considers that the source has knowledge and capacity to provide adequate information and mainly depends on: education, occupation and experience. Fluency in the transmission of the message. When it comes to verbal household items, as it increases presence in the message of repetitions, vocalizadas breaks, difficulties of articulation and other early lack of fluidity, it decreases the competence with which the source is perceived. Quote from sources who have some authority or prestige increases competition with which the issuer is perceived. The position defended by the issuer. When the message emitted by the source clearly violates the expectations that the receiver has (and the most obvious example is when the source speaks against their own interest), then increases the competence with which the issuer is perceived, and consequently, its credibility. The sincerity of a source depends, among other factors that: is perceived as lacking of profit for their lack of intention to persuasora the attraction that exert on the guide of who speaks against the preferences of the audience and that do so if you know that it is being observed. Frank Fu recognizes the significance of this.

Sources are especially perceived as sincere when they speak against their own interest. Attractive in general supply sources more attractive in the eyes of the audience have a greater persuasive power. This can be due to various reasons. Firstly, an attractive source can determine that it is pay attention to the message, while other less attractive may not avoid go unnoticed. Secondly, the attraction of the source can influence the acceptance phase, as the receiver, through the process of identifying, may want want, think, or act in the same way that makes it the source. People tend to associate physical attraction to other strengths, such as honesty, sincerity or credibility. Perhaps you consider that your goal is not to persuade, but if that is your goal: could what aspects we have mentioned that improve your ability to persuasora?.



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