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A minority of staff may have a significant impact on the rest only if it is to have an alternative and reasoned point of view, to change the workflow. Of course, for the formation of such a view of the very minorities you need the arguments, but with something like, once everything is clear – your arguments are contained in functionality of the CRM-system. Gradually, this part of the staff will begin to feel better (easier) of its activities, working with the system and improving its efficiency, which inevitably will manifest itself externally and will provide impact on the rest of the staff. In this case, the company's management should not overlook the fact that the minority will be able to influence the rest only if this activity will be sustained and continuous. Therefore, management must actively encourage and support this part of the team that the process should not go down "to nothing." Thus, changes will occur not on orders from above, but directly from within the working group that in addition to things will improve and the team spirit of the company as a whole. In addition, employees have the opportunity to self-realization, and this is a better motivator than fulfilling the requirements imposed from above. A strategy of a minority on the process of adopting a new CRM-system can be gradually expanded to include involvement in and management of the company. After this, the effect will be provided already and the bottom (due to the position of the active minority of employees) and top (for through directives and instructions received from the management company).



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