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To implement such a task performer to understand the basic idea of a customer's business that wants to potential customers (target audience, find out who it included), also examine the existing market. Design and planning of site structure: Without this step, the site could be similar to the tangled maze. There must also be knowledge of the context, and consideration of sample user interaction with the structure of the site, so it was easy to understand that where there is to know on what link to click to get to the desired section of the site. Traditionally, this step must be closely enough interaction with the site engine developer (programmer). The development site interface and navigation, because the site is just for people, and without such knowledge of the interactions (interactive) are indispensable. Appearance must be comfortable and attractive. With all of this better and more correct to develop an interface to programming the site, and does not refer to it as something that can be changed easily as clothing. You also need to take into account probable increase in site design and interface with this in mind.

At this step can be made to create an unusual design of the site, and, of course, resorting to the help of a graphic designer. If a web designer can not draw, but this project asks you to bring to the project of an artist who will illustrate the author. Caring for user interaction with a system Site At this point, you need to consider the general principles interaction with the site. Here we refer the decision on the specific implementation of the interface (HTML-coding), need to use JavScript, and consideration of options for when the browser does not support it and much more. This step asks the Web designer knowledge and understanding of technology with which to make a site. You must also consider the availability (accessibility), which, for example, allows you to use the site without a mouse.

Preparation and control the properties of the site content to the content (content) include both text and graphics. For graphics, this step involves fine-tuning images to the appropriate properties, and for the text to follow rules of preparation and typesetting for the web. On each of the steps can and should always be user testing, because the earlier errors are found in the design (and they are all, even in most prof. designers), the easier they will be corrected.

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