Cyberspace refers to a non-physical environment created by teams of computer United to interoperate in a network. In cyberspace, the equipment operators can interact in a similar manner to the real world, except that the interaction in cyberspace does not require physical movement beyond which the typewriter. Information can be exchanged in real time or delay time, and people can buy, share, explore, investigate, work, or play. The Internet is the largest field of cyberspace. The World Wide Web (Web), USENET newsgroups and the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is included here. Either of them is possible to access with wireless access to the Internet or with any type of network that you have on hand. The Web is the most popular destination, this consists of millions of web sites where visitors can find virtually anything. He or she can also create a personal site to organize information, photos, movies, music or interactive forums.

Internet forums allow people to have talks on a common Bulletin Board style interface. Stakeholders respond to the other through the publication of the comments to the topics. The forums are public and are a very popular way to socialise in cyberspace. You can read USENET newsgroups through web sites devoted to USENET or a news reader. A news group is similar to a web forum, except that each news group has a single theme, to which it is dedicated. There are more than 100,000 news groups, so that one can find a dedicated group practically to any topic of interest. And while newsgroups and Internet forums are very good for comments short, loquacious, newsgroups are excellent for long debates. Usenet within cyberspace can share hobbies, find support groups, it is a quick method to obtain custom answers to the problems of hardware, software, or hard disk types.

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