Daniel Gonzlez Epiay

Added to this little knowledge is perceived on computer science resources that takes to him to commit imprudences as it comments the same Towers From Soria: to lodge the page like one of thematic the-groups that as much Hotmail as Yahoo allows to lodge free of charge frees and their users. Said virtual spaces would be a problem for any terrorist group reliable. Not only by the little tools of design and edition of graphs that supply, but mainly because these groups virtual, unlike the pages Web with an own dominion and lodged in payment servants, can easily be eliminated of the cyberspace. It is enough with a simple decision of the people in charge of these companies, if they arrive at the conviction from which the conduct code is being inflicted that all user accepts like previous step to the use of one of these services. The message that the group transmits frames within the doctrinal incoherence and the contradiction of its messages.

The leader Daniel lets itself photograph at heart with a retailer of imperialistic Coca-Cola, mixes slogans of the revolutionary left with Biblical appointments and versicles of the Corn, in short, he jeopardizes the growth of the Islam and to the Muslims within an incompatible rhetoric with the function of the Muslims in Latin America. The obsession by the publicity and the protagonism has caused that Teodoro Darnott is considered icon of the radical Islam without at least it has been analyzed on the part of the sources that Ely Karmon, its true identity used, qualities and trajectory like Muslim. With behaviors as those of Daniel Gonzlez Epiay the greatness of the Islam cannot be measured and much less to turn it into point of the spear to blame the Islam in Latin America.



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