The echo is fantastic, you ahead of is finished scene and pronounces something, when it is come across with a repetition of the said one, with a resonance that runs away to the timbre that is accustomed. What it says, if rees-echo in the apparent empty space, but in the proper music of Chico Buarque, intitled ' ' Vazio&#039 cup; ' , the setena was given singing that ' ' the empty cup is full of ar' '. How many other elements, do not inhabit the space that imagines uninhabited, giving format to the relegated words to the world. Therefore the world, is ahead of us, no matter how hard let us look at for an emptiness and let us imagine nothing to exist, in that so distant, still thus possible fundura of being reached, is enough to be in the deep one, for terms the certainty of the finitude, and in this in case that, the top that seems inalcanvel. But the echo vibrates of repeated form, returning confronts it done when reverberating of fixed form the word, that we intend to launch against the impensvel, returning with differentiated timbres, demonstrating more audacity that our only one mandate.

The space, can be a majestical mountain range, to have that magnanimous air, also serves modest cmodo, mainly when before inhabited for objects, later emptied of the same ones, where it seems our voice to desire to take the place, long ago busy for other said things less. We want to fill of sound, to substitute the substance for the force of the verb, an imitation of the divine step in the creation, as displayed in the Biblical writings, the called Gnese. But the echo, would be a reply to ours to launch of words, or the continuation of the verb? Therefore already one says that said word, leaves of belonging in them, becoming something executed, more not being able to control, leaving the abstract field that the imagination privileges in them, if making substance, in the writing or in it speaks. We serve of propellant and launch something spoken, that more being absorbed will not be able for speaks, only caught by auditory way, delimiting the reach of what we project. The echo discloses something still more frightful ' ' men racionais' ' , therefore it demonstrates beyond, in given situation its effect extravasam expectation, while the captation of one is intended another one for the hearing, that would absorviria only one second dimension of the sharp one, in view of the first one to be our proper perception. Echoing makes with that I have an auditory perception of itself, not as recorded form, that a technological mechanism can make, but diverse timbres that are caught in surrounding data, where being folloied, both will have a similar apprehension. Thus, the echo, first exceeds an only expectation, demonstrating that the effect are very beyond the cause presumed, the timbre variation also displays a reality multidimensional, for the great gamma of possibilities, arriving at a transdimensionalidade state, for being something interlaced thing, without the severity of a taxonomy. Also having the hearing, a condition to assume of noises of the proper voice, as effect not only simulated of a writing, but for the repercussions of diverse noises, arriving the parts longnquas. Until when, the effect to lose its force, therefore what we presume to diminish of intensity, is only the demonstration from that the sound if moves away.



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