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Also these Glaze is available in different colours. Who wants to give an opaque paint his log cabin can achieve top coat this with the Aidol. It is a weatherproof, opaque protective paint, preserving however the character of the wood. The various shades get their effect over the years and does not fade. Despite the opacity, the wood remains breathable! As the world’s first wooden protective glaze cream-based company Remmers offers the Aidol wood protection cream.

The product consists of a special, new oil-water emulsion and has outstanding processing characteristics. Because of its cream form can be worn up with glaze brushes in high layers and not dripping! You penetrates deep into the wood, and the result is a brilliant glaze image, although only a single operation is necessary. Also here, as in the HK stain protection against blue stain with included! Makeup”for garden furniture and a wooden terrace is recommended as the Aidol maintenance oil. There are nourishing substances which penetrate deeply and protect from drying out and cracking the wood. The wood remains open-pored and breathes”and is protected against UV rays and thus the greying, E.g. at bangkirai terrace boards. For wooden floors, especially for holiday houses and in the sauna the following products are recommended: the Aidol hardwax oil represents an ideal treatment for the permanent protection of valuable wood.

It can be used indoors as well as for wooden floors, parquet, Cork etc. Treatment, the product remains breathable, durable and can be behind any damp wipe. The hard wax-Polish Aidol is a watery care concentrate with high-quality wax emulsions for oiled and waxed hardwood floors and wooden staircases. The Polish forms a thin protective film and protects the surface from premature wear. After drying on the treated surface can be polished up! Conclusion: It is the individual design and high-quality care of wood products in the Garden House nothing more in the way. The company detached offers advice and Product range of Fima Remmers optimum protection to maintain your wooden house, so it also, certainly as planned for a long-term and enjoyable purchase is! U. Bussmann

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