Generation Cathode

The magnetron is constituted by a cylindrical, composed anode of socket, these if they find in the axle of a heating cathode. The anode and the cathode are separate for a space which if of the o name of interaction space, being in vacuum. These sockets, said ' ' socket ressonantes' ' , they can have different forms in accordance with the considered magnetron. Two magnets also meet that are fixed perpendicularly in relation to the axle of the pipe. A continuous electric field is applied between the anode and the cathode. The set free electrons for the cathode are sped up by the continuous magnetic field.

Had to the magnetic field created by two perpendicular magnets to the axle anode/cathode, gets a circular movement around the cathode, with similar trajectories the cycloids. The magnetic field servant, with the electronic cloud, serves to speed up the waves. These loads that flow between the anode and the cathode they go to enter in interaction with the resonant sockets of the anodic block that if becomes the support of the electromagnetic oscillations. According to Pear tree (2002, et al) an important point in the project is the definition of the number of magnetrons to be used in the processing. A valve of high same power can be used or several of lesser power.

A valve of high power is normally more efficient than a less powerful set. However, the last one is cheaper, more easy to acquire in the market, needs less accessory for its operation, beyond that in an eventual imperfection of the valve, the process as a whole will not be paralyzed, therefore the others will be operating. These valves, however, beyond the inconvenience of the generation of harmonic, harmful to other electronic equipment that is in the neighborhoods, are also sufficiently susceptible to the mutual interference. Magnetrons the antennas of the type can be on bugle that offer to a good diretividade and focus.



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