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Synergies between AdWords-Analytics A common problem with which we are when we have a first contact with our customers is that most programs are already using more or less advanced web analytics but do not know all the juice to get the information they offer. All statistical programs provide basic information as the number of visits, pages per visitor, the origin of the visit, type of browser used, etc … but depending on the type of website that we are managing we look more in some data than others. Professionally, I think a free tool like Google Analytics is more than enough for most web projects, and if you configure an advanced form we can offer really valuable information. The advantage is that Analytics is a free application and if we use it with Google AdWords allows us to draw together information really interesting.

E-Commerce sites in e-commerce sites the most important metrics we analyze are: profit, revenue, conversion rates, average order and the average cost of conversions. This configuration is difficult to obtain reliable data, but if AdWords and Analytics configured properly most of the information we have in real time. For example, you can specify the price or benefit to an individual product so when you view the data on our website see which campaigns have a higher return on investment (ROI). A particularly important data Analytics gives us is knowing what data sources are those that we are generating revenue. For example, we know the daily cost of the banner on the website of an affiliate, to know the profitability of an e-mailing campaign, knowing that a keyword in SEO (positioning organic) revenue we generate X and the words of our most profitable search engine advertising campaign (SEM).



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