Government Project

For a few years in Audea information security we have had the opportunity to collaborate with Seur Geopost Espana, leading company in the national or international courier that among its services include urgent shipment, in the development of several projects related to information security and urgent Messaging. The close relationship that has brought us together for the continuous work between the partners of both companies, the idea of a comprehensive project that offers a comprehensive service in the field of information security both unifying regulations on the protection of data (LOPD) as ISO/IEC 27001 regulations to Seur Geopost Espana. The project that we put on the table from Audea covers both consulting as audit and training service in a space of time of three years continued, based on our experience and knowledge of methodologies for analysis of risk, security, regulatory compliance and Government of the TICs. After the relevant negotiations project He has finally seen the light and from Audea information security we want to thank you for the trust that has again become in our company for the joint development of new projects..



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