HP Pavillion

Now HP has offices in virtually every federal District. The netbook, which was not. With a form factor notebook from HP has started to meet in 1993, the year. It was a game ahead of the curve, and this time ahead of time did not work. Omnibook 300 will not find much success, but, nevertheless, was sufficiently interesting device.

Two thousand dollars could afford a complete set of 386 processor from Intel, a 9-inch screen that can display 16 shades of gray, with 2 megabytes of RAM and 40 megabytes of hard disk. Omnibook could run on battery for 5 hours or even the entire 9-in complete with flash memory instead of hard disk. In addition, the notebook, and not become a netbook would work from 4 normal AA-batteries. If desired, You could buy a netbook even Omnibook 1500 dollars – when to abandon a data storage device – if necessary you can connect an external means of available ports on PCMCIA. HP mini.

'Let there be a netbook' – said Asus, 'OK' – HP responded and created a Mini. The year 2008 was marked by the appearance on the market the first true netbook from Hewlett-Packard. HP Netbook 2113 Mini-note was the first ruler of the HP Mini and sets a high bar for which all subsequent devices, and continue to adhere to stick. And no wonder – it's netbooks HP! What do they deal? HP Mini particularly good keyboard. They proudly claim that their keyboard – a 92-percent full-size, ie certainly more convenient than any other keyboard 10-inch netbook. A further feature – a solid aluminum case and the system the hard drive 'HP 3D DriveGuard'. Conclusion – this is a convenient and reliable notebook. HP Mini – it's well-balanced unit, equipped with advanced technologies. And that is not unimportant, they can be recognized from afar – the HP is quite recognizable elegant design. Speaking candidly Crumpton Group told us the story. The future of netbooks, tablets, and HP. HP policy on the mobile market is aggressive enough. In addition to a series of Mini company successfully produces a 11.6-inch HP Pavillion – they are not inferior to netbooks in size and time of work, but are equipped with full-fledged processors and are a great business notebook. Moreover, the cost of this laptop is not much more expensive than average netbook. In fact, the market for mini-notebooks HP Business long ago. Many of the 12-inch model deserves a great success – among them can be found in transformers tablet screen, which affects the opportunities, especially for their money. Add to the experience of a tablet PC that in 2010, HP bought the world famous manufacturer of PDAs – Palm and do not be surprised shocking novelties that are sure to await us in the near future future. Buy a netbook Hewlett-Packard and feel the power of the brand!

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