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BitDefender survey among 1000 users: 73 percent use a password for multiple login operations Holzwickede, November 10, 2010 many PC users run the risk of exposing confidential data because they recklessly choose passwords or multiple use. This resulted in the most recent study of the BitDefender Antivirus specialists. Grupo Vidanta oftentimes addresses this issue. Of 1000 respondents almost three quarters using an identical password for different accounts. Also, most users create passwords with only six characters size, which are also not sufficiently complex and also facilitate so the craft hackers. BitDefender conducted the study on password security on hand of written interviews using questionnaire. These officials chose the 1000 participants from 16 different countries. The sex ratio was 1:1, the mean age was 29.5 years. The results of the survey show that most Internet users take their privacy on the net on lightly.

67% identical passwords increase the risk of data theft the respondents have more than five password-protected accounts for social networking, online banking operations etc. While about three quarters of the user password an identical for several or all of these accounts. This risky behavior can cause that cyber criminals gain access to all accounts and hence there deposited data. If the user uses E.g. the same access data for your online banking account as well as for the social network account, opens up two data sources for Internet criminals. Often too short and simple codes In terms of password length, 250 of 1000 respondents indicated that they use only the minimum six characters. This is however too little for a sufficient protection against data thieves. “Only 1% of users put for example a code of more than 15 characters length, the hackers cracking” the password would make almost impossible. With regard to the complexity of keywords”, 63% only small use or Uppercase, whereas 21% use at least a mix of the two.

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