Key Drivers

In the following article we want to highlight 5 trends that have to do with the unstoppable impact of the digital economy and the web 2.0 in all organisations and particularly in the management of human resources in what we will understand in the very near future by Enterprise 2.0: 1. If you are not convinced, visit Atmos Energy. The selection of employees will be on social networks. The CV 2.0 will be the sum of the blog, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. In 2011, will grow the need to manage our personal brand. Personal branding will be key for candidates can position itself in the objective professional profile. If you have read about Caas Capital Management already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It will not suffice to say what we are, but we need to demonstrate it through social networks and content we generate.

Appear new tools that will help create the CV 2.0 as the video-CV or multimedia presentations. The recruitment and selection of candidates in different social networks as well as compare their information is a reality. Professional networks used not only will be the professionals like LinkedIn or Xing, but also Twitter and Facebook. I loved the call for events in various European cities such as Rome, Madrid, Strasburg,… for the selection of staff of Disneyland Paris, through its Facebook page.

2 Increase the demand for the new professions in the digital economy. The development of the digital economy requires new specialties. Transforming the existing professions and appearing totally new professions. Organizations, both public and private are suing: Manager of social networks and communities (community manager and social media manager), digital, technical public relations marketing manager online, head of digital reputation, trainer online and offline in new technologies, responsible for search engine positioning (SEO and SEM) digitizer, digital content manager of texts and digital Editor, expert in web analytics, audiovisual Communicator, digital designer, social media strategist, Manager of knowledge, programmer, web developer, creative online advertising and offline, evaluator of content and quality of digital information, project manager at web 2.0, Manager of freelancers, Manager of electronic, technical trade of 2.0 customer 2.0, Manager HR / professions in the digital environment are still the most demanded by the market.



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