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I couldn’t finish it in five or six years. Then I won the life giving classes and making calculations of structure. I think that I did not have any opportunity to design something really interesting. And I doubt that you have done so. But it was the middle of survival that had. Until in 2002 came the economic crisis to the Southern Cone and I decided to accept an invitation from a professor at the University of Georgia to continue my career there. So literature, the vocation that had since childhood and against which fought almost all my teenage years, ended up winning the game. What are the problems faced by a Latin American writer? I think that in the background are the same faced by a writer in any part of the world: nobody understands that passion, this Vice but who carries inside.

Of course, as in all always there are particularities. Perhaps the biggest problem faced by Latin American writers is the limitation of resources when they should do some research. If one is a professor at United States and need a datum, a document, workbook, or hundred books about abstinence between the Papuan or the history of Patagonia, simply ask for it and a few days after they bring it you from anywhere in the country without any cost. In terms of imagination, to the creativity, do not have any problem, since writing is one of the most economical trades that exist. Geniuses always protrude from their own context. Others spend their energies inventing excuses. Toward what PATRIAS of silence (memories of a disappeared person), we show the worldview of a man in captivity and this is in itself a novel narrated in times of dictatorship as abordaste these issues in particular? What need a writer to play this very sensitive topic socially? I do not know.



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