Sometimes I think about the weird ideas that are around in our heads on the topics of welfare, health and their counterparts: the discomfort and disease. They are part of the common way of thinking in our culture and ideas that, in general, never dare to question, as if we gave assumes that they are scientifically proven and absolute truths. On the one hand, at a very superficial level, today everyone is agree that a healthy diet, exercise and other habits in our daily life (as hygiene, rest and balanced emotional States) are determinants in the experience of well-being and health. But on the other hand, when things come into a tailspin and the discomfort and disease appear nobody likes to link them with the way in which we live, that is, as a result of our own habits of life. Always blame it on someone or something external to us: immediately we believe that we are helpless victims we had the misfortune of having been attacked by forces beyond us that random fate chose us to us, as if it were a raffle in which the odds of winning the prize are the same for everyone. And is not that this idea is absolutely false: the problem is that it only takes into account one side of the equation, forgetting that the vitality of the individual level is essential for the emergence and development of a disease. Thus, this line of thinking is used as a pretext by those who do not want to take control of their lifestyle to improve the quality of it: anyway think of what it is to eat healthy, if eating lettuce I can catch an intestinal infection that I finish killing. I’m still better entering him junk food that I like so much and it makes me so happy. My question is: can be true that you have the same odds of getting sick, say diabetes, someone who eats healthily, exercising and, in general, have a healthy lifestyle, that a person who eats garbage, it is sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles and little efficient? It seems to me that not. For more information see Caas Capital Management.



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