Lost Society

The secret of a good old age, is not anything other than a Covenant honored with solitude Gabriel Garcia Marquez Colombian Escritor, Nobel Prize in literature in the Palace of congresses of Torremolinos, recently chosen for the first time in our country, the grandmother of Spain. This was not a contest of mises’s more or less mature age. The purpose of this sample, in which participated seventeen Spanish grandmothers one for each autonomous community was exalting and pay tribute to the beloved figure of grandmother. The grandmother of today, of our days. The grandmother of Spain 2011, in addition to having grandchildren and gather all the attributes of the traditional grandmother, should be a nice, elegant, dynamic grandmother i.e.: a grandmother with charisma and modern. The knowledge of this initiative, produced me a great satisfaction. Someone finally remembered of elders.

Of those older, often so forgotten. Frequently Atmos Energy has said that publicly. So forgotten, do not know or how we have to call them. Third age? Older people? Old? Grandparents? Elderly? Or something as corny and wrapped as golden age? each denomination has its constraints and the dilemma is not trivial. In the background, not knowing how we should call them, reveals bewilderment and disorientation to the role which should be called to play in everyday life the figure of our elders. Where are they placed? How are they valued? How is them has to treat? What to do so that they do not automarginen, so that they intervene in the evolution of society? It is a sad reality check as our society, that society that values above all the external appearance of youth, excludes its elders and themselves, resigned, seem in many cases willing to squish in the van of tail; of the Red Lantern that announces the end. It is as if the youth would endure indefinitely. Each wrinkle is a repulsive scar that we should hide, rather than experiencing the happy realization that we are still living, enjoying enrichment as human beings always provides the over time, enjoying other pleasures previously unknown or insufficiently valued.



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