Making Breakthrough Of National Brand Is Urgent

The sustained development of economy can not separated from the continuous innovation of each pillar industries.Mining machinery industry, as an indispensable part of the domestic economy construction industry, has always been widely used in the field of construction, transportation, production and construction. Moreover, with the acceleration of the pace of development, the demand for domestic mining machinery industry is also increasing. In recent years, the state s construction projects have been put into the implementation and the infrastructure construction and the rectification of the residential housing are inseparable from the mining machinery. Ore beneficiation, crushing equipment (combination crusher, impact breaker) and milling equipment (cement plant) always follow the development needs of the domestic equipment, conducting ongoing innovation and structural adjustment of the production scale of enterprises. Therefore, with regard to the development of the domestic mining machinery industry, in such a great development prospect, steadily grasping opportunities for development of the industry, conducting active innovation of mining machinery and equipment, constantly improving the quality of the machinery and equipment and at the same time enhancing the capacity of establishing brand of the domestic mining machinery enterprises and make unremitting efforts for the domestic mining machinery industry to root in the international market stably. After years of development, Hongxing Heavy Industries not only has an absolute advantage in the domestic market, but also Governor a certain percentage of the share in the international market. At the same time, the company continues to explore and make innovation of the core technology of crushing and screening equipment and other mining machinery to seize the upstream market of the industry chain, enlarge the expansion of the global mining machinery market, lead the domestic mining machinery industry to compete in the international mining machinery market, striving to make the national mining crushing equipment occupy a position in the fierce competition in the world market.

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