The practical one to sing hymns salmos in the meetings destined to practical the religious Christian, since its primrdios is registered in Mat. 26:30 and Sea. 14:16, where it says: ' ' I sing finished it of the Salmos, had left for the mount of the Oliveiras' '. The first centuries of the Christian church music acquired characteristics Greeks and of the oriental-hellenistic mixing societies of the Mediterranean, however, the Christians had looked for to reject them it the measure who increased the number of converted having, thus, for objective the disconnection with the heathen past. The Jewish inheritance proceeding from the origin of the proper Christianity is not confirmed by the historians, since it does not have documents that they can prove such affirmation. However, as GROUT and PELISCA (2007) have a parallelism enter the cults carried through between one and another religion, since the mass is a symbolic sacrifice and the Jews practised sacrifices in the temple.

The first memorial of finishes supper of Christ possesss characteristics of the Jewish meals of the days of party, as the ritual meal of the Passover, that was folloied for sung music, thus being able, to take in consideration the cultural way where the first Christians lived. This model of the Jewish meals lasted during the centuries in the Christian cult, which was taking characteristic proper. Some cantos and hymns, as the recitao of the Salmos, can have been preserved of unbroken form, as well as other melodies proceeding from the manuscripts of it sings old Roman, such cantos is considered one of the great treasures of the civilizations of the Ocidente. To the measure that the church goes becoming enlarged itself and acquiring characteristic proper, firming its proceletista character the cantos and hymns also start to take its elements destiguindo themselves of the profane one. The task to separate the profane one of the sacred one always was an exhausting activity of the church, this separation culminates in the idea of approach with the divine things.



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