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Summary humans tells how he has been pointing out in recent times with a range of intelligence that handle them properly their result will be wonderful in their interrelations pro, growth. Jose Gomez to the r4especto tells us that for the existence of a true social development, man must seek first and foremost human development, i.e., the development of its both technical and material and spiritual potential, i.e. not only seek knowledge that solve you the how to improve the conditions of life, but wisdom to elevate the quality of this. In this article, we stop to provide some basic tips for multiple intelligences and education. The importance of the right of the Neocortex hemisphere discovers some TIPS and their scopes Roger Sperry, Nobel laureate of medicine 1981, as a fundamental structure of human intelligence, their role is as vital as the left Neocortex although it works differently as we will see later. Finally Paul MacLean, former Director of the laboratory of behavior and the evolution of the brain of the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, proposes that the human brain is composed of three different structures: the Neocortical system or Neocortex composed of two lobes (left and right); the Limbico system located under the foregoing and system Basic or R (reptile), located at the same time under the Limbico. Investigations indicate that the lobe or left hemisphere of the Neocortex is the brain structure or as one could say in cyber language hardware where are the connections and programs to process rational ability, analytical and intelligence sequential human. Moreover the right of the Neocortex lobe is the brain structure that allows the ability to Asociativa, Visual space, temporary Visual or Vision, Auditiva Intuitiva of human intelligence is a complex structure Neocortical, which differentiates us from the animal Kingdom, which in its dynamic process of change and evolution in humans, has dense and has achieved sufficient weight and with necessary in our interconnections gender, to allow communication through a rational language, which in turn goes further, allowing the poetry, music and the transmission of feeling through voice or waves today in psychology and medicine, recognized the importance of the Limbico and of the emotional intelligence (EQ) and is accepted at the same level of rational intelligence and Asociativa (IQ) that is measured in both casesbeing a key factor in the recruitment of leading companies of the world and basis of mental stability and controller general of our health; as we know the moods and stress are directly linked to the latter.



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