Novosibirsk Institute

As a result, of the works determined by the first indications and contraindications for treatment in Kislovodsk on rheumatic heart diseases and disorders of the heart muscle. In 1940, Kislovodsk, was already recognized cardiac resorts in the country and have clear indications for treatment. At the resort were treated 142,000 patients, 76% had arrived heart and vascular diseases. Work in this direction did not stop during the Great Patriotic War. In behalf of the Kislovodsk hospital B. Lenin studied the characteristics of the course of hypertension in wartime. New problems arose in the postwar years. In 1956 a joint session of the Academy of Medical Sciences, devoted to 150 anniversary of the Caucasian resorts were made for a successful treatment in Kislovodsk angioedema forms of angina, pregipertonicheskih conditions and damage to heart rate neurogenic nature of Cardiology and the initial stages atherosclerosis with symptoms of coronary insufficiency. Basis of these reports were the work conducted under the supervision of Professor ve Nezlin. In the next stage have been developed especially regime, spa and climatic treatment of patients with essential hypertension, as well as the principles and methods of functional-anatomical diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease and methods of spa treatment of the vascular system. The last 10-15 years the focus was challenged to identify the value of the spa treatment in the rehabilitation of patients after myocardial infarction. As a result, established the optimal duration of treatment at the spa, the main approaches to set of treatment facilities and some criteria for evaluating the results stay. found wide application in clinics of the institute. Successfully used this method in . In contact with Novosibirsk Institute of Circulatory Pathology, headed by Academician ENMeshalkin completed successfully monitor treatment in Kislovodsk of patients with mitral stenosis before and after commissurotomy. It is proved that Spa treatment significantly accelerates the medical and vocational rehabilitation of the operated patients. Patients with dynamic cerebral blood flow is rather large group. Kislovodsk created specialized department for their treatment. Studying the dynamics of functional systems in the early period of cerebral atherosclerosis, developed complex methods of treatment using physical therapy and resort factors. Held in Kislovodsk research, the creation of specialized offices, research laboratories (biotelemetricheskoy, Allergic, vascular disease) and the Computing Center provided the resort to organize medical and diagnostic work at a high level, and today the resort town of Kislovodsk, is one of the leading centers that develop the problem of spa treatment cardiovascular disease.



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