Olympic Games

The Olympic torch happened through London and Paris. One assumes that this one must bring peace and harmony between nations. However, this route generated protests and shocks. Hundreds of pro-Tibet demonstrators have wanted to use the occasion for to burn to the Chinese government. Dalai Lama recently has been very well received by Bush and Merkel. It visited Pelosi to him, leader of the deputies of the USA, it will be seen soon with Brown and Sarkozy has become in its defending major. While Peking wants to use the Olympic Games to be like a new superpower and the locomotive of the global economy, the three western nuclear powers want to stoke the question of Tibet to jaquear such pretensions and to look for to press to the communist unique party so that liberalizes its economic and political system. The West knows that Dalai Lama was one of the most archaic tecratas and than the Chinese repression is very smaller to the one than occurs today in Iraq, but obtain that he returns to Lhasa would advance in wanting to transform to China into one democracy of free market . Original author and source of the article.



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