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If we were before a novel of Sir Astur Connan Doyle, all the pieces wear to me, the author controls to their actors and the narrated facts, to their personages. I believe that in this world of high political leagues, the intrigue, the sabotage, the citizen rights, the handling of the information, defy the literary controls, and the narrated facts are better to be presented/displayed to the citizenship or opinion publishes, by means of a series of questions and answers, that often constitute partial answers and deductions from evidences handled by the different political interests. That the fact to be sold to another nation, is for my a repugnant act, but what I know clearly after my experience, is to present the public opinion the truth and any more that the truth, although this outside adverse one for many influential people of nowadays and not only a local, but also international level I want to present the longed for truth, before facts that apparently are forbidden the community. Like satisfying the longed for truth if the active personages with this history, as much belong to different agencies from intelligence and political parties, that Inter lasso a great one to be able governmental, in their countries as in the foreigner The way that I must follow, I have as much Chilean mass media support important as foreign, that they have known to respect my position, independent of the informed hunger, have demonstrated they it that they are human and very professional people. I am not nobody to evaluate the innocence or culpability of one or the other side, since for that they are the pertinent organisms, but simply the truth, although also this the possibility, that this truth some times never arrives. He is by that I am arranged to collaborate in any investigation that is by all means made on the matter and show documents before mentioned., but my respective identifications of Embassy. Original author and source of the article.



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