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In the presentation of the strategy of the Pentagon to protect themselves from the increasingly more frequent computer attacks, Undersecretary of the Department of Defense acknowledged that the last month of March 24,000 documents were stolen after the attack suffered by a group of hackers. These attacks according to the intervention of the Assistant have become a significant problem in recent years where terabytes of information for the internal networks of defence removed. The Department of Defense, with its 15,000 networks and more than 7 million computing devices has been one of the goals preferred by these groups and valuable information therein contained, as weapons systems and their capabilities, is one element that needs a security above the usual. This new strategy, which already includes improvements such as the Cyber command is this carried out together with the Department of Homeland Security, having already detected more than 60,000 harmful software programs. The security plan is based on five points, focusing on reject or minimize the consequences of a possible attack on the systems. These information about the work of improvement in U.S. systems comes in a year in which the action of different organized groups of hackers are causing major problems of security of both States and private companies, creating an atmosphere of insecurity of the information housed in cyberspace. Audea security the Department management information source:. .



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