Perfume As A Gift: Vanilla

Perfume as a gift: vaniliVanil flavors – one of the most popular perfume ingredients. Unlike some of the rarer plants in the fall of our favorite flavors, each one of us knows the smell of vanilla. And there are several reasons – the popularity of fragrances based on the vanilla to the widespread use of this ingredient in cooking for example. Perfume vanilla fantasies are endless: for example, as an alternative brand Comptour Sud Pacifique not get tired producing new interpretations of vanilla flavor, then combining it with fruit notes, from the wood and spices, then the colors … Seeking a vanilla perfume, among other ingredients in the "pyramid" that interests us perfume, fragrance, we expect a warm, "delicious," alluring. For the romance of "confectionery" smell of vanilla are a few interesting facts.

Vanilla belongs to the genus of plants orchid family, and this is the only edible the fruit of this family. The production of vanilla is very time-consuming – just three years after planting the crop flowers appear first. The fruits that resemble large green pods, hang on a branch to nine months to fully ripen. And even when they are harvested, the fruit of a length of 10-15 cm have neither taste nor smell. Them they will get only in the treatment process.

Today, we call attention to some of the flavors in which vanilla plays a major role. Mat Chocolat (Masaki Matsushima) – Soft Vanilla-sweet 'chocolate' aroma immediately attracted a surprise to the perfume smell of chocolate. Vanilla in this interpretation – "Confectionery", "delicious", but at the same time quite nosibelnaya. Hypnose (Lancome) – Hypnose woman cast a spell, hypnotized, tempts and provokes. It is full of charm and sexuality. Attractive and sensual, woody fragrance East includes notes of vetiver and vanilla, and white color and passion. Vanilla is not cloying, and in combination with other ingredients, she discovers her mysterious side. Pink Sugar – air and sparkling, soft and velvety, sensuous and alluring notes of this fragrance excites and enfranchise emotions. The aroma has collected in itself the most mouth-watering smells of childhood – it's caramel, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, cotton candy. Not forgotten and more "adult" notes of bergamot, Sicilian orange, lily, fig leaves wood, licorice, and musk. C est la Fete (Christian Lacroix) – vanilla perfume in it sounds sweet creamy finale at the end of the composition, consisting of perfume of jasmine, white rose, narcissus and orchids, fruit notes of black currant, passion fruit, pears, plums and apricots mirabelle. Trouble (Boucheron) – starting with sparkling play of citrus flavor, "calm down" gently pulsating intimate ticks of vanilla, cedar and amber.



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