Pioneer PDP

Corporal shades to the factory a little oversaturated, but we can try to adjust the color palette by hand – the good, the settings are sufficient, because of which even the menu had to make multi-page images. Thus, there are 5-speed temperature control settings of the three primary colors, as well as the individual settings of six additional colors and feature the "Gamma". The picture has a large supply of color, a good supply of brightness, as if to signal Connector hdmi. When a signal through an hdmi input resolution was about 460-470 tv lines. Digital artifacts when displaying moving objects is not noticeable.

Skin colors in the factory setting, as in the signal with Component input, a little oversaturated, but picky viewer can use a large number of additional options that you can try to tweak the color palette to your liking. See more detailed opinions by reading what Crumpton Group offers on the topic.. Note the good quality shades of black, rich black and white. White objects on a white background are displayed with good detail. Speaker system Pioneer PDP-LX5090 has a power output 2×18 Tues From there adjust the sound settings high and low frequencies, the function of leveling the volume avc. Also, for greater immersion in the events occurring on the screen have separate settings: srs Focus (sound changes direction vertically), srs Trubass (better sound at low frequencies), srs Definition (adjusts sound mids, such as voice and some musical instruments). Max Schireson has many thoughts on the issue.

To simultaneously view two scenes there's "Picture in Picture" modes "PAP", "R1R". In the latter mode You can change the location of the internal pictures on the screen to your liking single button remote control. is has to say. Remote control in black. The buttons are not oversaturated, with buttons assigned to functional groups, which is convenient. Navigation is done via the joystick in the center of the circular panel. On-screen menu is displayed in the upper left corner with colored icons and meaningful clue, really useful this model. There are many settings the signal from the input hdmi, and generally feature set is quite large, so most likely at first to understand the control system will be difficult. Present Sleep-timer with a setting range of 120 minutes. Depending on the signal can select one of image formats: "Widescreen", "full", "Zoom", "14:9 Full", "film screen 14:9", "film screen", "4:3". Black and white colors on the screen Pioneer PDP-LX5090 displays rich, while tv shows fairly good detail of dark and bright scenes. Also note the stylish design of the apparatus and a rich set of different service functions and settings.



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