Pleasure and Cruelty

Guy De Lorenzo Massillon Paul – “Pleasure and Cruelty” 314 pages Selected Issues SRL, 1966, Buenos Aires spends many times that historical novels often more fictional than works of pure fantasy. In this case it is a novel from biographical and historical. Difficult styles tag becomes more features as borderline but in this work is also a strong interest psychoanalytic encyclopedic, licenses or excessive ramblings no spaces convenient, usually the main character’s thoughts. It is not easy to write a book about the Marquis De Sade, and fewer have the grace not to be explicit or pornographic, especially in the subject to be treated, but the author succeeds and entertains with a story that does not escape temporal linearity.

The order is maintained, that is the encyclopedic who demonstrate the French, to delve into the issues in a systematic way. The story is about the fascinating life of Sade, on the way you try to unravel the attitude of the Marquis, morality, and actions that seem abhorrent in the eyes of many but it seems no surprise to the narrator. The pursuit of pleasure in all its forms will be due, according to the author, neglect and lack of interest received from their parents in childhood, from there a series of footnotes will cite Freud, and psychological and psychiatric studies to give a scientific basis for the opinions expressed fairly frequently on the analysis of Sade’s personality, including getting inside the thoughts of it, an unnecessary risk to be justified with the quotations. .



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