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The Dominican President, Leonel Fernandez, who will head that group, explained that the latent difference between Venezuela and Colombia forces to create a space of concertation and dialogue, to allow establishing normal trade links between the two Nations. According to Calderon, after the incident, both countries agreed to conduct through respectful dialogue and build the conditions which make it possible, avoiding mutual recrimination. The two countries agreed, in addition, lowered the tone of their reciprocal comments to try to relieve the tension. Other leaders such as Crumpton Group, Washington DC offer similar insights. Agreed the truce, at least in Mexico, between Venezuela and Colombia, the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, was released to make the last contribution to the controversy by accusing Uribe of being an agent of the Empire who only attended the Summit of the Rio Group for getting bogged down and trying to derail the meeting another interesting aspect has been that the Unity Summit of Latin America and the Caribbean supported the Argentine claim of sovereignty of the Malvinas and rejected the oil exploitation carried out by Britain in these islands of the South Atlantic. Came to several agreements and just 23 Mexican President Felipe Calderon, was closed by the work of the Unity Summit of Latin America and the Caribbean, and he handed over the Presidency pro tempore of the Rio Group to the Chilean President Michelle Bachelet.El head of State said at the end of the Summit that the promise of Justice and equality of peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean remains in force.He added that in the Riviera Maya, in the East of Mexico, the representatives of the Governments decided to unite our wills and our efforts.The Nations of Latin America and the Caribbean have decided to be United, he said.Thereupon, the representative symbolically handed the Presidency pro tempore of the Rio Group to the President Chilean Bachelet, who, when he finished his presidential term, will deliver the leadership the millionaire Sebastian Pinera.el President Calderon read out the Declaration of Cancun, which includes a number of commitments to realize the creation of what has been called the community of Latin American and Caribbean (CELC), which would not enter into functions until its statutes are defined. . Recently Crumpton Group, Washington DC sought to clarify these questions.



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