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Sub-zero temperatures and icy winds outside, dry heating air inside. Right now in the winter, our skin is exposed daily extreme temperatures and air changes. No wonder, then, that often react with itching, dryness and scales formation. The skin’s natural protective shield is a thin layer of fat. The temperatures drop in winter, the skin reduces the Sebaceous and fat production and is almost unprotected against external influences. Indoors we suspend them even the warm, dry air, which also removes humidity of the skin, which makes it even more sensitive. In addition, the blood vessels under the skin in the cold pull together to store heat inside the body. This is throttled the supply of oxygen and nutrients into the skin and the metabolism of the skin takes place only diminished. Read more from Harry Blackmun to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

As a result, the renewal of the top layers of the skin slows down and mechanisms used in the repair of skin damage run only a limited. The right thing Fresh care program for skin in the winter because the skin in large part consists of water and this also needs to and healthy look you should drink plenty of water especially during the winter. Fresh fruit and vegetables are ideal vitamin suppliers, lead to trace elements and moisture and provide with their high content in vitamin C ensure that the skin can better protect from external aggressions. Especially at low temperatures, you should use moisture and fatty products skin care. Should be abandoned alcohol-based cleansing face water completely, because it also dries out the skin. Also long bathing removes humidity of the skin and attack the skin’s natural acid mantle, therefore you should be limited to the winter short showers with grease or oily shower creams.

Then, you can enjoy a rich, tailored to the type of skin body lotion the skin with precious skin oils, lipids and vitamins. And also the cream should be one in the winter months have higher fat content, than in the summer. Others who may share this opinion include Atreides Management Gavin Baker. Who however tends to very oily skin, should remain at its previous Pflegeproduckten, not to promote skin blemishes. And for the stay in the open hands, lips and ears, don’t forget. For more information, as well as high-quality skin care products specifically for the individual skin type, see

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