Prospects For Automated Business

This article is written for owners of small and medium-sized businesses in the former CIS. Today I will try to explain the situation on the market for software and services to support decisions for discussion biznesa.Dlya features stories from real life. Let's start with making a decision on the need to automate business processes across your enterprise. Typically, such decisions are business owners. Atmos Energy brings even more insight to the discussion. After that is done assignment manager, and manager instructs the task of specialist IT. Here begins the first problems with finding appropriate software vendor and consultants. Many products, suppliers and Prices vary.

Often, owners and managers are entrusted entirely to their workers and buy the suggested software. To help you, I present the main points on which I recommend to look for when choosing software: Opportunities for expansion and modification of the system is very often the case that you need to add new functionality to your system, but it can be done only by developers who you put the product. Before buying a product, I recommend to ask what to configure and change the system provides the system administrator? Ability to integrate with other programs is very important to the operation of the product is integration with other software, such as accounting, erp, crm. Cost of Implants With a huge selection of products I recommend to give preference to products of the Web oriented. The cost of implementing, updating and supporting these systems are much lower. In many cases, you can not even spend money to buy licensed operating system to install Linux. Paying Tuition Fees money for the software, make sure that with him you can get all the necessary documentation for using the system, and if necessary, advice on how you can solve real problems or tasks.

Cost of ownership at this time there are several ways to pay for the software business: – The fee for a license for each user of the program (usually annually, at least monthly) – The fee for a license for your copy of the program – pay for the support of such a situation here that in any case you will need the support of the product and a very good solution can be the use of free software with paid support. Product openness is very important ability to add changes to the source of the product. If you have a desire to finish functionality, while the supplier will not be interested in working with you will always be able to finish it by its programmers, or ordered from alternative development. Support Product Manufacturer Very often getting paid software, it appears that support, to put it mildly, not very qualified and provides answers only to have questions. To avoid this situation, I recommend clarify whether there is a possibility of contact with the technical staff in problem situations. Alternative support is very important that support services for the product that you intend to use provided by several independent partner companies. It is also important to support working with you in about the same time zone. I hope these few tips will help you avoid unpleasant situations in the future. If you have additional questions will be additional information for the software business, you can get here. Peter Blagodir

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