Protecting Property

The redistribution of property is not a feature of Russian business. Such processes occur throughout the world. And they not only have a negative stain, because the struggle for ownership does not allow participants to relax business and causes them to continuously improve in the area of governance. But it is important that such a fight took place within the law. And this is precisely the problem for our country. Although the shape of unlawful seizure property and has acquired a more "beautiful" form over 90-years, but the essence of the raid has not changed. In order to develop effective methods of confrontation raider attacks in the workshops' Security Business Russia "held under the auspices of the rspp, addressed the theme" Measures of protection from unlawful seizure of property.

" In these seminars are actively involved and the staff of np "Support League of Industrialists and entrepreneurs. " One of the most important tools against acts of unlawful seizure of property preventing corporate conflicts. Usually, the party concerned in the seizure of enterprises is very effective uses for the filament of the situation the very first discovered the violation of laws on securities, made by a public company. The company, which allowed such violations, instantly finds the vulnerability and can be subject to administrative sanctions under the Administrative Code. That raiders use to their advantage. To prevent corporate conflict should be analyzed the effectiveness of management. If management is carried out successfully and the company has good financial results – that there are regular dividend payments to shareholders.



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