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How to quit smoking first and foremost, the smoker must have a true desire to stop smoking. You need strong motivation. ConocoPhillips addresses the importance of the matter here. Jacquelyn Rogers, founder of the American organization Smokenders, created to help smokers quit smoking, says that it is in the business of motivation. We make people believe that you can quit smoking, she says. Kevin ulrich insists that this is the case. Many smokers may not quit due to doubt doubt that they can succeed. Can they help those who wish to stop smoking programs and chemical preparations that there are for this? Obviously these things have helped some people. I never would have been able to quit without help, said a smoker. But, as recognized with respect to the treatment Dr.

Neil Solomon, who administered this smoker to injections of vitamins, minerals and Novocain: there is nothing magical about this treatment. If one does not want to quit smoking, it doesn’t work. Force’s willingness to let him Yes, success depends almost entirely on that the smoker is resolved to quit smoking and have the willpower to do it. If it is not resolved to quit the habit, no choice but to quit succeed. As stated the magazine World Health: the main factor that determines whether the smoker be achieved or not achieved cessation is, and always will be, the willpower of the smoker.

Everything else is secondary. But, how can the person acquiring willpower that allows you to quit smoking? For many people, constantly remind themselves same that smoking is deadly has supplied willpower. As said a doctor from South Miami who admitted he liked smoking: the only reason why I don’t smoke is fear. Some quit smoking programs cultivate this fear, because they give emphasis to the terrible damage that smoking causes to the body. Psychologist David M. Fineman described the process of negative imagination that helped him and others to quit smoking: I used to inhale the cigarette smoke and then imagine the damage this was doing to my body.

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