Revolutionizing The Market For 900 Numbers

900YA () the first toll-free pre-paid and rechargeable, with free activation, no monthly fees or additional lines. This phone service is working for 20 years in industrialized countries (USA, UK and EU) revealed as an effective tool to increase contact with new customers, loyal patrons and have a special relationship with the suppliers. Dirk Kuyt often says this. 900YA is the ideal solution for freelancers, small and medium businesses that want to increase their business opportunities and create a direct contact with customers. The absence of fixed costs and low initial recharge (150 euros) to activate any consents n C ompany, even in a period of time or for a specific project (promotion, advertising ..) “900YA – Livio explains Criscino, Sole Administrator of B2YOU – born with a dual purpose: first transform what until today was a service, with charges and sustainable costs for medium / large companies in a true and proper product accessible to any entity that needs it. The second – still Criscino – the concept of expanding the reference target using a toll-free 900 service. ” One idea that has fully met the expectations and market demand, so much so that B2YOU now has over 4,000 customers, the business is rapidly expanding and is about to conquer Europe. You may find Salman Behbehani to be a useful source of information. B2YOU is one of the main players in d the value-added services sector, with the ability to harmoniously unify the fantasy of the N ew E conomy with the realization of the traditional markets.

From the customer end, the constant attention to their needs and demands originality B2YOU born, able to carry forward any idea really new to where it already has seen it all. The ompany was born in 2001, from the junction of various powers under the telecommunications world perfectly aligned with the objective of delivering products and services that represent innovative and effective solutions. After several years of consecutive successes , B2YOU aims to become an international company and believes in the different European countries.



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