Russian President Vladimir Putin

But the main question that arises in this case, is: "why the Russian aircraft, exceeding, according to unofficial guide admissions of foreign companies, competitors and their own counterparts, practically not produced, replaced by lower-quality foreign aircraft? "The answer is simple – largest customer – the company "Aeroflot", in the mid-nineties has refused purchase of modern domestic aircraft. Guide "Aeroflot" has selected the cooperation with the corporation Airbus, to lease, to state money, used aircraft A-300 and A-310. Of course, having it, and as in any business environment, all the "collateral benefits" from working with wealthy contractors, who understand the complexity conclusion of business contracts of this magnitude, and the need to meet the full range of motives for management buying company. Professor of Internet Governance: the source for more info. Having avoided the issue, say only that the refusal of the biggest (and virtually only at the time) the buyer's purchases of Russian aircraft, summed up the future of civil aircraft in Russia. Factories involved in the production chain, were left without orders. As time passed, in 2003. According to Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, who has experience with these questions. Russian President Vladimir Putin has publicly declared that the Russian civil aircraft were destroyed, and must make every possible effort to preserve, at least, the military aircraft industry sub-sectors, except Russia may lose part of the defense potential. It was the absolute right decision, because at the time to do nothing was impossible. In what lies the real reason for Russia's loss of civilian aircraft? Is it only in that management is a key buyer sought to satisfy their own interests, along with commercial interests, without taking the interests of the country? Strictly speaking, the interests of the country is engaged in The government, while the management of a private company promoting the corporate interests and satisfy their own needs.



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