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Better to understand the functioning of a Web Service we go to make a study of its architecture and the employed technologies. Figure 1 illustrates the technologies used for the Web Service. Currently two standards of development of Web Services exist, standard SOAP and standard REST or RESTfull, the article approaches only standard SOAP, to follow meets one brief explanation of the involved technologies in figure 1. UDDI (Universal Description Discovery and Integration): the UDDI consists of supplying ways so that the Web Services is registered and published in the net this it allows that the services are located in form of repositories, another functionality of the UDDI and the storage of archives WSDL.? WSDL (Web Services Description Lenguage): this component acts as a contract, therefore it lists functionalities and at the same time say as to request them, its main purpose and to describe at great length a Web Services and to effect the exchange of messages, and specifically responsible for providing the information necessary to invoke Web Service.? SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol): it is a protocol of communication for the Web Services, an archive XML formed together with elements SAOP well proposal for the WC3 and follows the model ' ' REQUEST RESPONSE' ' of the HTTP they can have its call of applications inside customer or server. Its main purpose and the exchange of information in distributed systems, also and based in XML being used to have access Web Services.? CLIENT or Customer: this can be a software requesting the Web Service or even though a person having access a service through a page web or to browser carrying through a solicitation to the one methods determined Web Service.? PROVIDER or Supplier of Web Services: it corresponds to a server of application or server web that he meets housed the Web Service allowing that customers have access the service. .



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