First it what it changing the recession, then what the habits of a fickle viewing public, and now it s the Internet s turn to take a swipe at TV as we know it local stations, national networks, and cable and satellite service providers, tune in: ZillionTV is on the net. First it what the recession, it what the changing then habits of a fickle viewing public, and now it’s the Internet’s turn to take a swipe at TV as we know it local stations, national networks, and cable and satellite service providers, tune in: ZillionTV is on the net. The small US company launched at the beginning of March is about to revolutionize couch potatodom. By personalizing TV, it offers vignette expansive popular entertainment content, personalized, targeted advertising, and the potential of interacting with the on screen content itself. And it’s easy to access, intuitive, and affordable. In the way same has defined and introduced social organizing to you and your friends in cyberspace, ZillionTV delivers personalized TV online. “ZillionTV is building a new television ecosystem,” says Mitchell Berman, CEO, ZillionTV Corporation.

“Consumers can access to expansive collection of entertainment when and how they want.” By the way, that’s subscription-free access to entertainment content from Hollywood studios and TV networks, from the libraries of Disney, 20th Century Fox television, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. Digital distribution. You can watch programs on demand and delivered directly to your television set over a common high-speed Internet connection. Viewers pay a nominal, one time only, initial service activation fee of $100US. some of the features that set ZillionTV apart are: all programming is available instantly as it’s streamed to the television set – no downloading, progressive streaming, or peer-to-peer networking necessary Viewer can choose to watch targeted and addressable ad-supported content for free, rent content for a nominal fee, or “buy to own”,” depending upon the options offered by each content owner. For example, television content from NBC Universal will be available as “buy to own”.

Viewer select advertising categories based on their interests and preferences to get ads that are more personally relevant when choosing to watch ad-supported content. Programs are available on demand, 24/7 all programs are available through an intuitive, easy-to-use on screen interface to help vignette instantly shows find or discover new programs by genre, actor, year, subject matter, and more. Based on these choices, the system creates personalized recommendations specifically for each viewer. Viewers will enjoy personalized television entertainment that gives notice, choice, and control over the type of personal information that is collected, used, and shared. Viewers will have interactive and t-commerce options, including the ability to request information and purchase products directly from their television. A distinctive loyalty program rewards viewers for simply watching programming they love and interacting with advertising from categories they’ve personally selected.

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